We are a group fitness studio that creates a personalized environment for everyone to pursue their fitness and health goals. At Fit + Fun, we provide professional holistic group fitness and personal training. We offer our unique programs with confidence, as they are absolutely effective.


IRON SYSTEM® is the fast track to a lean, firm, and healthy body. No group fitness training system leads to a faster and more long-lasting training success. Significant reduction in body fat, crisp muscles, strengthening of the back, and significantly increased everyday quality of life in older age are just some of the benefits that are reported by enthusiastic participants. Regardless of age and fitness, anyone can start this unique body shaping system. SImple, stimulating movements and energizing music, perfect training stimuli with maximum safety allow the participants to achieve the body shape, of which they have always dreamed. Classes are held in English and German with a maximum of 15 participants.

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A fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. Fasciae surround muscles or other structures. Stress, under-activity and over-activity cause tight fasciae. The muscle underneath is not able to expand and relax. In this workout, we roll and release your trigger points that cause sore and tense muscles and improve the functional properties of the fasciae.


  • Minimise post workout tightness
  • Accelerate training recovery
  • Maximal muscle therapy

*Classes are held in English and German


As a baby, we have been flexible like never before and never suffered from tight muscles and pain. We lose this flexibility through age, lack of motion and over stressing. Tight muscles, especially in the hip and glutes area cause lot of pain in your (lower) back and cause a chain reaction into other parts of your body. Stretching improves the muscle’s felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. But be careful! Stretching can be dangerous when performed incorrectly. Therefore, a professional stretching routine reduces risk of injury and increase performance.

*Classes are held in English and German with maximum 20 participants.


You want the best training and performance results within the shortest period of time? Then try one of our W-O-W Classes! You will experience holistic functional training with your own body weight and little helpers like kettle bells, stability balls, core sliders, tubes, hurdles, cones, etc. Our unique interactive functional floor turns your workout into a entertaining playground! Time will fly, and get the results you want. We offer different workout types:

  • WOW for everyone with a tight schedule (all levels)
  • WOW Families for parents with Kids who want to train and have fun together (all levels)​


In this 4-session intensive course (6 hours, no open classes) you will NOT learn martial arts and fancy techniques like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. You will learn and train and repeat easy ways how to:

  • Feel more secure and comfortable
  • Recognize potential threats
  • Act and react in threatening situations
  • Protect and defend yourself if you get attacked by using your body and things you carry with you everyday